Real estate prices are much cheaper than other European countries, considering the quality and other conditions. Investment brings more returns. Therefore, Turkey has always been a very suitable country for real estate investment.


Turkey is located in the middle belt where it is considered geopolitically. Therefore, summer and winter months are always mild. The average annual temperature in the southern parts is above 15 degrees. If we look at the summer months, it is at least 25 degrees above. 10 months of the year, the sun can be seen very comfortably. It is of very high quality in terms of infrastructure and severe climatic conditions do not cause problems.


Almost all provinces in Turkey now have airports and all these provinces are connected to each other by extremely wide and high quality highways. Getting from one place to another has become much easier in recent years. In addition, thanks to its geopolitical location, it is possible to reach other countries of the world in a much shorter time. In addition, you can rent a car from any city you want and use this car wherever you want according to the rental agreement you have made. At the same time, foreign national guests can also rent or buy a car.

Food & Entertainment

Due to Turkish geography, Turkish restaurants and cuisine are very developed and delicious. World-famous Turkish cuisine is one of the things that will attract you to Turkey. In addition, the fact that any vegetable or fruit specific to that region can be grown all over Turkey ensures that the prices of fruits and vegetables are much cheaper than in Europe. In addition to Turkish cuisine, the Turkish entertainment industry is like other world countries. In almost every city, you can see festivals and parties in all styles and at various times. This is especially true in our coastal cities. If you buy real estate in Turkey or move here, we can guarantee that you will have a lot of fun here.


Turkey has gained a reputation in the world with its health tourism in recent years. The biggest reason for this is that Turkish doctors and the health system are extremely well trained. Another reason is that healthcare services in Europe are much more expensive. People from many countries of the world travel to our country to benefit from health services. When you buy real estate in Turkey, one of the biggest benefits of moving to our country will be health services. You can find a full-fledged hospital and a wide range of health services in almost every district.

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