In recent years, Turkey has become the most popular country for holiday and summer destinations. The fact that Turkey has a cheaper life than other European countries and even better in terms of air, transportation and health facilities has made Turkey a very preferable country. Especially in the southern cities, in cities such as Alanya, Antalya, Muğla and İzmir, foreign investors have started to buy a lot of property.

Buying Property in Turkey

Buying property in Turkey is cheaper than in other European countries. In addition, thanks to the conveniences brought to foreign investors in recent years, investing has become even more attractive. Buying property in Turkey; It makes it very easy to move to Turkey, obtain a residence permit from Turkey and even obtain citizenship. If you want to move to Turkey, the easiest way is to buy a property here and apply for a residence permit or citizenship. The rest is just a few procedures. Remember that you have to buy real estate over a certain amount in order to apply for citizenship. This figure may change according to years and time. You can contact us for detailed information. As Pier Alanya, we always support you with all kinds of purchases and other services.

Advantages of Moving to Turkey

  • Cheaper real estate prices compared to other countries
  • Living is cheaper
  • The development and quality of health facilities
  • The coastline and the beautiful weather
  • Climate
  • Easy access to all parts of the world thanks to geopolitical convenience
  • Friendly and warm Turkish society
  • Official transactions can be done easily over the internet
  • Technology infrastructure

Pier Alanya Services

As Pier Alanya, we are with you in all your purchasing and rental processes. Starting with your travel plan to Turkey, we help you with your accommodation and real estate tours and information. You can request us to call you by filling out our free call request form and you can contact us immediately.

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